Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What to expect when you Swap-Away.

Image from The Big Shwop in Wellington.

Thanks to Deb's great suggestion- we've decided to pop up some info about how the swap works and what to bring on here- instead of just sending the info to those on the mailing list.

Swap-Away invites you to raid your wardrobe and discerningly select approximately six garments or accessories (bags, shoes and scarfs only please!) you think others will value but that you no longer wear. It's completely fine to bring more or less but we figure around 6 items each will make for a great swap. A wash, a little press accompanied by neat-folding would be perfect if possible. We aren't able to accept garments with holes/tears or staining, a missing button, or fallen down hem is fine just let us know so we can mark it appropriately for the new owner.

It is important that you are detached and happy to see them adopted by
new owners.

There will be one token per garment. So someone could potentially trade tracky dacks for a designer dress you ask? This is entirely possible within the context of the exchange but the fundamental point is that the dress was going unworn and the track dacks have been adopted because they will be. As the objective of the clothing exchange is to activate fashion waste, this is the best system of exchange we could muster and it has been proven to work successfully around the world. So for each garment you bring you will recieve one token which buys another item in return.

All the clothes a put on racks anonymously and then you can shop!
Once you've found your 'new' garments and feel you've picked over the clothes successfully you can proceed to the check-out where you can 'pay' for your 'new' wardrobe with your tokens.

When the day is over we will donate any leftover garments to local charity stores so that they can have another chance at 'life'!

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what Swap-Away is all about and what to expect on the day. It's $10 to attend, this includes a Swap-Away pack and shopping bag, the hall hirage and other bits and pieces for the day. This is a non-profit event, we only have 45 places to spare.

Remember to secure your place by sending us an email with your name and contact no. for this Saturday!

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